Truffle markets in Grand Périgueux

Calendar 2023-2024

If your taste buds are calling out for a treat, a tating tour is an essential.

The markets of Sainte-Alvère, Sorges-et-Ligueux-en-Périgord, Vergt, and Périgueux are among the list of 12 controlled markets in Périgord offering buyers the guarantee of top-quality fresh truffles. This precious black diamond is a sure-fire way to enhance your dishes and delight your guests! A controller approved by the Périgord Federation of Truffle-Harvesters checks and verifies each truffle, waighing them and classifying them according to their appearance, colour and maturity, allowing the sale of only the very best and guaranteeing their local origin. We don’t take quality lightly! You can also purchase them directly from the region’s many producers. On the last weekend of January, don’t forget the unmissable truffle festival in Sorges-et-Ligueux-en-Périgord, where th Tuber Melanosporum takes centre stage.

Gourmet dates, winter 2023-24


Every Saturday from 8 am to 12.30 pm from 2nd December 2023 until mid-February 2024 (depending on production) in the Maison du Pâtissier, place Saint-Louis.

  • Election of the most beautiful truffle at the opening of the market on Saturday 23rd December 2023.
  • Truffle festival on Saturday 13th January 2024 with musical entertainment, black diamond tastings and a competition to win a black truffle.

For more information: +33 (0)5 53 53 10 63


Every Monday from 3 pm from 4th December 2023 to 26th February 2024.
For more information: +33 (0)5 53 03 45 10


Every Sunday from 10am from 3rd December 2023 to 28th January 2024.
For more information: +33 (0)9 71 49 16 33


Every Monday from 10 am from 27th November 2023 to 26th February 2024 in the truffle market hall.

For more information: +33 (0)5 53 61 76 89 – Website:

Truffle festivals

Don’t forget the famous truffle festivals, where the Tuber Melanosporum is the star attraction.


Saturday 13th January 2024. Information from the Groupement des Trufficulteurs Pétrocoriens.
For more information: + 33 (0)6 24 05 25 85


From Friday 26th to Friday 28th January 2024.
For more information: +33 (0)9 71 49 16 33

The mysteries of the black diamond

Located on a 19th century farm, the Truffle Eco-Museum will reveal all the mysteries of the black diamond, its history and its cuisine. From its burth, in symbiosis with the roots of the oak trees, its harvest with the help of dogs, to tastings on the tables of the greatest Michelin-starred chefs, you’ll soon be an expert on this famous regional fungus. The tour unfolds outdoors along the path through the limestone plateaus, discoveringthe flora and fauna of the truffle fields.

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