Public parks and gardens

Grand Périgueux is a nature destination par excellence, and the parks and gardens are varied and colourful.

Parcs et jardins publics

Oxygen bubble!

To relax, to stroll under the trees or to continue your discovery of Greater Périgueux, don’t hesitate to explore our parks and gardens: historic, literary, romantic or ornamental, there’s something for everyone.

Parcs et Jardins du Grand Périgueux - Le Jardin des Arènes

The Arena Garden

📍 In Périgueux, not far from the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum and located right in the city center, this pleasantly landscaped public garden invites you to wander. In its alleys, discover the remains of a 1st-century amphitheater, one of the largest in Gaul (up to 20,000 spectators). A flowered area – a real oxygen bubble for a refreshing break – where several species of trees punctuate this haven. Come and put your feet up.

François Mitterrand Park

📍 In Périgueux, hidden away at the corner of cours Fénelon and boulevard Georges-Saumande, parc François Mitterrand is 6,000 m2 divided into three ephemeral gardens in the shape of a tulip leaf. Perfect for long siestas between two visits, picnics in the shade or a green break in the heart of the city. An area used for cultural purposes also offers open-air exhibitions, theatrical and musical events.

Parcs et Jardins du Grand Périgueux - Le Parc François Mitterrand

The Literary Sculpture Garden

📍 On the heights of the village of Blis-et-Born, a former photojournalist and sculptor has created a literary garden, dotted with 70 sculptures. Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Jean de la Fontaine… all the classics of French literature are represented by sculptural illustrations of their quotations. A poetic vegetable garden, century-old oak trees and installations form the backdrop to this atypical tour. Perfectly romantic!

Chartreuse du Colombier Gardens

📍 In Paunat, in the Jardins de la Chartreuse du Colombier, visitors discover – between charm and surprises – baroque pavilions, dovecotes and a wide variety of species. Boxwood, fragrant shrubs, old roses and peonies stand alongside a Florentine-inspired kitchen garden with fountains and steps. It has also been awarded the “Jardin Remarquable” label, making it one of France’s most prestigious gardens.

Jardins de la Chartreuse du Colombier à Paunat
Parcs et Jardins du Grand Périgueux - Arboretum de Vergt

Arboretum de Vergt

📍 In Vergt, located in the Côteau du Croquant forest park, the arboretum can be discovered by walking along its paths, which are equipped with educational panels. Take a walk along the cliff face and discover the history of Vergt through the centuries. Don’t miss the panoramic terrace and the open-air theatre. As for the rest, don’t hesitate to get lost and take a seat on the benches to immerse yourself in the forest ecosystem.

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