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Rich in unspoiled nature, between the valley of Isle and Vézère, the territory offers itself to the visitor as a playground, to go without moderation. In the 4 seasons, alone or with the family, on foot, by bike or on horseback, an extensive network of marked trails leads us to the discovery of large areas of freedom, marked by a protected rural heritage. The gentle itinerary is here in all its splendor: bucolic stroll along the Véloroute Voie Verte, sporting stroll along the water or a spiritual walk along the way of Santiago de Compostela. This exceptional natural setting, invites you to share experiences of authenticity. Here, in the heart of Périgord, walk, pedal, sail, fish, trot, enjoy!

By bike

Heading towards the Atlantic with the Véloroute Voie Verte

From Trélissac in the north to the border of the Gironde on the southern side of the Pizou, the Véloroute Voie Verte in the Isle valley allows you to travel more than 100 km on foot, by bike, skating. It is punctuated by multiple rest areas, playgrounds and campsites. It will surprise you by the imposing and varied architectures of the footbridges, allowing to cross the river Isle. Guided by informative beacons and signs, its sometimes sinuous itinerary lets us discover at the bend of a path the remarkable landscapes, historical and industrial sites as well as high places of gastronomy. Practiced and loved by hikers, cyclists and cyclists, the Voie Verte remains mainly one of the preferred places of family outings.


A rich network of marked trails

Like a traveling machine in time, hiking is a source of inspiration to bring man back to his origins. Here, the Perigord landscapes are meshed by a network of more than 300 km of marked paths. These paths allow to appreciate the diversity of the patrimony, to observe the fauna and the flora and finally to relive the highlights of the history, such as the path of the maquis of Durestal in Cendrieux or forest of Lanmary with its legend of the throne of the Roi des Chauzes. On foot or by bike with a topo-guide or guide gps, the markup consists of signs with yellow markers and green link routes. Close to you or on holiday, practice here the freedom of the pleasures of the hike in the respect of each one.

On the water

And in the middle flows a river … and its tributary

L’Isle, a tributary of the Dordogne, rushes down from the high Limousin plateau to present itself in a calmer light as it approaches the Perigourdine capital. The tumultuous Auvézère hollows her bed in deep gorges, before joining the Isle upstream of Périgueux. These varied rivers provide an exceptional setting for fishing. Their fish richness is associated with species such as trout, pike, carp or catfish. Here, quality water runs through preserved landscapes, to discover during a quiet descent in canoes, more unusual in rabaska or more sporting in stand up paddle. The Voie Bleue de l’Isle will soon see the renewal of navigation with the launching of a boat promenade..

Coquillage des chemins de St-Jacques-de-Compostelle

Santiago de Compostela

Path in the footsteps of Santiago de Compostela

From Sorges, with the Saint-Germain church and its shell -shaped font, you will travel serenely up to the refreshing crossing of the state-owned forest of Lanmarymenantau of Caussade. Following the shells on the ground, in the Limogeanne street, rich in architectural treasures, you will stop at the Cathedral of Saint-Front. At the heart of the pilgrimage, it is defined as one of the 3 venerable places on the Voie de Vézelay. Your adventure can continue along the traditional route with the Abbey of Chancelade or the variant of Bergerac, an old rehabilitated pilgrimage route. On this itinerary taken by a thousand pilgrims, enjoy the warmth of the Perigord reception in the refuges or directly homestay.

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