The markets in the Grand Perigueux

Visiting a traditionnal market in the Grand Perigueux is always a great experience !

From the poultry or truffle markets to the traditionnal weekly ones or the gourmet night events, you will definitely find your happiness in the Dordogne. Be sure that you won’t be back home empty handed !


Our traditionnal markets

Come and taste our locally-produced specialities and take your time along the numerous and various stalls to speak with the farmers and the inhabitants. They will be pleased to help you to choose the best of the region in a noisy, coloured and delicious atmosphere.
Meet our farmers in Perigueux (every Wednesdays and Saturdays), Sainte-Alvère (every Mondays), Sorges (every Sundays) and Vergt (every Fridays).

Our authentic poultry markets.

A selection of local produces, dedicated to ducks and geese, is waiting for you on our poultry markets, from November to March. Taste some « rillettes », relish a fig filled with foie gras or just enjoy a seasonnal soup while chatting with the farmers.
Once a month, there is a special market where there are many animations and tastings.
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Our treasures : the truffle markets

This is the ideal place to discover all the secrets of the « black diamond » of the Dordogne and its unforgettable flavours. The production is different every year, so wake up early to be the first at the market opening !
Enjoy the show during our annual truffle fairs running in January or February : tastings, truffle-hunting demonstrations, folklore animations, omelette-cooking competition…
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Our gourmet night markets

In Summer, once a week, at 7pm, the streets and squares of some villages and cities turn into a great gourmet evening market with giant tables to be shared between the locals and the visitors for an incredible moment of conviviality.
Choose your starter here, find your main course there, don’t forget your dessert, ask our wine producers what would be the best, have a sit, lose yourself in the rhythm of the music and enjoy !
Bon appétit !
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