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Sites and monuments

Don't miss to visit the essential sites and monuments of Grand Périgueux such as St-Front Cathedral, Chancelade Abbey ...

Château Barrière à Périgueux

Historic sites and monuments to visit

Discover all the historical sites and monuments that Grand Périgueux is houses. Come and visit the museums, castles, parks and gardens, or caves!

Promenades Urbaines - Pass Tourisme Grand Périgueux

Visit more, spend less!

Valid for 5 days, 10 days or 1 year, this is the essential pass to fully enjoy your stay in Grand Périgueux!

The Tourist Office of The Grand Périgueux advises you

Do you need advice to make your choice or to help you in your search? The Tourist Office team of The Grand Périgueux welcomes you all year long to advise you among the various accommodations. Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (05) 53 53 10 63 or by e-mail

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