The Napoleon Museum

Where is the Napoleon Museum?

Le musée Napoléon

In the heart of Greater Périgueux, near Sainte-Alvère and less than an hour from Bergerac, Périgueux or Sarlat. Where exactly is the Napoleon Museum?

Location of the Napoleon Museum

The Musée Napoléon is located in the commune of Cendrieux, near Sainte-Alvère, in the Greater Périgueux region of the Dordogne. The Museum is less than 1 hour’s drive from Bergerac, Périgueux and Sarlat.

GPS coordinates and address

Address: La Pommerie, 24381 Cendrieux – Val de Louyre et Caudeau , Dordogne, France

GPS coordinates, decimal format

  • Latitude: 44.97547
  • Longitude : 0.83672

Distances and travel times

Périgueux, Bergerac, Sarlat, Bordeaux: journey times to the Napoleon Museum

Thanks to its ideal geographical location in the heart of Périgord, the museum attracts visitors from all over the world. While locals can enjoy a day trip, people from further afar can visit the museum for a few days: an ideal excursion whilst on holiday in Greater Périgueux. There is much to discover as this corner of Périgord has a thousand and one surprises awaiting you!

Here are the estimated travel times to reach the museum

Napoleon Museum – Périgueux :

  • Distance: 35 kms
  • Travel time: 39 minutes

Napoleon Museum – Bergerac :

  • Distance: 36 kms
  • Travel time : 40 minutes

Napoleon Museum – Sarlat :

  • Distance : 43 kms
  • Travel time : 49 minutes

Napoleon Museum – Bordeaux :

  • Distance: 147 kms
  • Travel time: 1hour 50 minutes (via A-89)

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