The Napoleon Museum

Exceptional Imperial family memorabilia exhibited in a remarkable family home.

The Napoleon Museum, not far from Sainte-Alvère, is just 40 minutes from Périgueux.

Why should you definitely visit the Musée Napoléon?

The Napoleon Museum in Cendrieux houses over 500 objects, paintings and sculptures, 150 of which are listed as objects of important historical interest. Among them are highly personal objects belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte, including the candlestick that accompanied him until his death on St. Helena. The miniature recreations of battle scenes help to plunge you straight into the heart of the First and Second Empires! A must-see for admirers of Emperor Napoleon ! 😊

Visit the Napoleon Museum

The visit, led by a direct descendant of the Bonaparte family, will leave a lasting impression. Find out why a visit to this museum is a must during your stay in Greater Périgueux.

Where is the Napoleon Museum?

The Napoleon Museum is located in Cendrieux in the Greater Périgueux area in Dordogne. Maps, addresses and GPS coordinates of theNapoleon Museum.

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Le musée Napoléon
Napoleon Museum ©Déclic & Décolle – Greater Périgueux Tourist Office

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