The Must-Haves

The village of Paunat

What to see and do in Paunat? The must-sees !

Que visiter au sud de Périgueux ?

For lovers of fine stonework, explore this charming medieval village full of fine buildings. For walkers keen on exploring the countryside, there are three short hikes starting in the center of Paunat: 6, 7 or 10 km, the choice is yours !

Come and marvel at the Abbey !

Paunat has one of the oldest abbeys in Périgord and it has a truly magnetic charm. It’s a striking and monumental building which literally and figuratively stands out in the centre of the village. Tours are available, including a closer look at the imposing 25-metre-high bell tower-porch!

Abbaye de Paunat
Paunat Abbey ©Déclic&Décolle – Greater Périgueux Tourist Office

👂Listen to the babbling brook in Paunat

Take a stroll in the Gardens of the Chartreuse du Colombier

These unusual gardens are well worth a visit: a charming and surprising mix of baroque pavilions, dovecotes and a wide variety of tree species. Boxwood, scented bushes, old roses and peonies stand alongside a Florentine-inspired kitchen garden with a fountain and espalier fruit trees

Lose yourself in the festive atmosphere of Paunat…

  • The Musique en Sol Festival: a festival dedicated to supporting emerging talent and which has an eclectic program drawn from some of the great figures of the world of classical music. What’s the concept? Four concerts during the first two weeks of August in the exceptional abbey setting of Paunat, with its excellent natural acoustics and an unusual and diverse programme of music.
  • Local producers’ gourmet markets: every summer, this tiny village comes alive with local producers’ gourmet markets: evening markets where you buy a variety of food and drinks, sit at large tables together and share an unforgettable, open-air meal in a unique setting

Practical information


If you want to discover Paunat’s history off the beaten track, why not take to the well-signed footpaths with a choice of 3 walking and mountain bike trails ?

Where to eat?

Restaurant “Chez Julien” | Tel: 05 53 63 21 08

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