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Caussade Castle

A treasure hidden between two forest groves

A hidden treasure nestled between two forests on the outskirts of Périgueux, in the commune of Trélissac. The small polygonal fortress of Caussade Castle is a real curiosity deep in the heart of the Lanmary forest

You’re sure to fall under the spell of this unusual medieval castle, accessible only on foot or by bike. Its strategic position, dominating the Isle Valley and ideally located on the Limoges – Périgueux axis, would have been quite a threat to the inhabitants of nearby Puy St Front during the Middle Ages. When you visit this ancient fortress surrounded by a dry moat, you’ll have no trouble imagining it as it was in the early 12th century.

Caussade Castle through the ages

A Cugnac family stronghold from the 14th to 17th centuries, Caussade Castle has seen many turbulent periods in its long history.

From the Counts of Périgord who coveted the castle, to the inhabitants of Puy Saint-Front who questioned the authority of the Cugnac family, to the Wars of Religion, the Cugnac family had more than their fair share of challenges. In the 17th century, Suzanne de Cugnac’s marriage meant that the castle came into the Arnaud de la Marthonie family, who lived there until the French Revolution, when the land was sold.

But that is only the first part of a long story, as more recently, during the First World War, the castle was used as a prison. Thereafter it became a favourite meeting place for the local Trélissac youth, until the building was renovated and then bought by a private owner.

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