Geocaching Tèrra Aventura

Experience the emotion of a surprising treasure hunt!

Tèrra Aventura is the opportunity to discover New Aquitaine and geocaching, by diving into a captivating universe. Come and enjoy our routes in Périgueux : ” Périgueux, l’Isle aux trésors ” and ” Vésone et le dragon ” !

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a connected treasure hunt that takes place outdoors using a GPS or a smartphone. Boxes called “caches” are hidden in the city or in the nature. The goal: to discover the location of the cache and the treasure it contains.

Tèrra-Aventura, a treasure hunt for everyone

Tèrra Aventura is a great game that combines walks and discoveries of the heritage nuggets of New Aquitaine. These are the Poïz’, small characters with strong character who guide the player on the paths of the region. Created 10 years ago in Limousin and now available in the whole of New Aquitaine, Tèrra Aventura is a giant outdoor treasure hunt, which takes you on a discovery of local heritage nuggets and the most beautiful walks in New Aquitaine.

Tèrra Aventura ©Malika Turin
TerraAventura -©MalikaTurin

What’s in the cache?

The cache is the treasure of the course, the ultimate goal… Inside, no gold coins, but Poï’z! The Poï’z are little characters with strong characters who always have stories to tell! These little imaginary beings symbolize the theme of the walk: Zéfaim for gastronomy, Zouti for know-how, Zéidon for water, Zabeth for historical heritage. They come in the form of badges to collect.

Each season sees the appearance of new courses and … new Poi’z that you will love to collect!

    Go on an adventure!

    Take to the course in search of the Poï’z!

Download the mobile application

All year round, download the free Tèrra-Aventura application. With nearly 700 routes in New Aquitaine, let yourself be guided and answer the riddles. Find the treasure and share your experience. We are waiting for you in Périgueux!

For more information: www.terra-aventura.fr

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