Family must-sees

The Grand Périgueux Tourist Office shares with you its essential family outings to get away from it all for a few hours!

On weekends, on holidays in Périgord or at home with your children in Périgueux or its surroundings, are you looking for an idea to have fun with your family? The Grand Périgueux Tourist Office offers 5 activities to meet your needs, of the weather or your budget!


Taste the joys of family climbing with Antipode Escalade! Accessible from 4 years old, this space of around 1000 m2 allows you to initiate yourself or to practice freely climbing on boulders, spread over 7 levels of difficulty. The climbing area is fully equipped with a thick landing mat for maximum safety.


Live an unusual adventure of almost 2 hours, with your family, on an old railway line full of charm with its bridges, viaducts, tunnels and old stations. You can combine the outdoors, sport, sensations and adrenaline. Several “sport” routes are possible, from 11 km to 28 km round trip. Possibility of electrically assisted bicycle.


Large, elegant, magnificent … The Château de Hautefort will surprise you with its Loire château airs. During the summer, many activities will invite you to discover the castle with your family: night visits, workshops for children or open-air cinema! Young and old will be able to walk and have fun in a tunnel of greenery while discovering the sumptuous French and English style park, overlooking the valley.


Want to have a good time with your family around an activity that is both fun and sporting? With 2,400 m² of inflatable modules “have fun” on and in the water! Jump, climb, climb, slide … in complete safety. The essential conditions: knowing how to swim, being accompanied by an adult for children from 6 to 8 years old and compulsory wearing of a safety vest before entering the water.


In teams of 4 players, fight the infested zombies of the UNIVERMARS space station and try to save the future of the blue planet. Equipped with ultra high definition glasses, you will be able to play in total freedom of movement over more than 250 square meters and with ultra sophisticated equipment for a period of 15 minutes.

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