Where to swim in Greater Périgueux?

Places to swim

Où se baigner dans le Grand Périgueux ?

If you’re looking for a nice spot to take a dip, Greater Périgueux has got you covered ! All you have to do is choose a place, put on your swimsuit, grab a towel and dive in

Neufont Lake

Neufont Lake or Lac de Neufont is a unique place, just 30 minutes from the centre of Périgueux, in Saint-Amand de Vergt. It’s an ideal spot for all ages, for sports enthusiasts and anglers, a perfect place to while away a sunny afternoon, have a dip, a siesta in the shade, play in the sand and swim, swim, swim ! Surrounded by tall trees providing welcome shade in summer, Lac de Neufont is a haven of tranquillity in the heart of the countryside.🍃

👉 Unsupervised swimming. Free admission.

Greater Périgueux swimming pools

There’s nothing like a swimming pool to relax in and entertain the kids after a few cultural outings ! 💦 If you’re in the mood for diving, jumping and sliding, head for the Aquacap aquatic center in Champcevinel ! Its 250 m2 indoor play area, open all year round, is perfectly adapted for the whole family. And if you go in summer, you can experience the
outdoor water shoot and plunge into the pool from on high !

In summer, for the less adventurous swimming purists, who like to do laps in preparation for the Olympic Games (you never know 😉 ), Greater Périgueux offers 2 swimming pool complexes: Marsac-sur-l’Isle and Sorges-et-Ligueux-en-Périgord. All year round (except summer), you can swim in the Bertran de Born indoor pool in Périgueux. You can also enrol your children for swimming lessons in all of these pools and watch as they learn to perfect the crawl, do the breaststroke and attempt the butterfly. 🏊

The brand-new Niversac indoor swimming pool in Saint-Laurent-sur-Manoire is another great place to swim. Built opposite the Niversac train station and the Greater Périgueux Tourist Office, the pool is linked to the pedestrian and bike pathway called the “voie verte” and is easily accessible by foot, bike, car or rail shuttle. It has 5 lanes, each 25 meters long.

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