Musée Militaire du Périgord

The Museum houses military souvenirs brought back soldiers of the Perigord during their campaigns, either used in their daily life or merited in combat in the regiments they served in. More than 1200 objects, all of them remarkable, rare or picturesque which will help you to relive the daily life of our soldiers from the Middle Ages to the present. Non-profit making since 18 January 1911 and recognised as a public service since 29 January 1928.

32 rue des Farges 24000 PERIGUEUX
Opening period

From 01/01/2021 To 30/06/2021

From 01/01/2021 To 30/06/2021 
From 01/07/2021 To 31/08/2021 
From 01/09/2021 To 31/12/2021 
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