Since 2010, the Tourist Office has been awarded the « Tourism and Disability » label for 4 types of disability: hearing, mental, motor and visual for the reception area. The brand was renewed in December 2018 for both the Périgueux and Sainte-Alvère offices for a period of five years.

The Tourist Office has also been awarded the « Tourism and Disability » brand for guided tours since 2013. The Tourist Office thus offers tours adapted for people with disabilities. These people can therefore book guided tours adapted according to the type of disability (presentation of visuals of monuments that are not accessible for people with a motor disability, the possibility of touching certain architectural elements for people with a visual disability, simplified comments for people with a mental disability, transcription on paper of the guide’s comments for people with a hearing disability, but also amplifying the sound). 

Comfort for all

The Tourist Office of Grand Périgueux guarantees an efficient and adapted welcome for all types of disability. If you have a question about accommodation, catering, visits and transport, you will find useful answers by downloading the following documents :

⇒ Accessible transport   
 ⇒ Visual tour of Périgueux (Puy Saint-Front and Gallo Romain routes) ⇒ Accessible accommodation (in the Grand Périgueux area) ⇒ Accessible accommodation (around the Grand Périgueux area)⇒ Accessible restaurants (in the Grand Périgueux area)⇒ Accessible restaurants (around the Grand Périgueux area) ⇒ Comfort circuit (medieval Renaissance part of Périgueux)

Additional information on the « Tourism and Disability » brand

Extract from the website

What is the Tourisme et Handicap brand for?

For disabled tourists, this is a guarantee.

For a disabled tourist, the Tourisme et Handicap brand is proof of concrete commitment and the guarantee of an efficient and adapted welcome. The logo, displayed at the entrance to tourist sites, establishments and facilities and on all documents, provides reliable, consistent and objective information to disabled people on their accessibility according to disability (auditory, mental, motor, visual) thanks to four pictograms.

The Tourisme et Handicap brand promotes the emergence of tourist products and services that are truly open to all, and guarantees all disabled tourists access to information enabling them to be as independent as possible. For tourism professionals, this is a competitive advantage.

The Tourisme et Handicap brand is first and foremost a recognition: it rewards the efforts of tourism professionals in terms of accessibility and welcoming specific clienteles. All those who have asked to be labelled assert themselves as stakeholders and ambassadors for the reception of disabled people.

Their choice in favour of this specific public goes hand in hand with perfectly reasoned commercial thinking: by displaying the Tourism and Disability brand, they are highlighting a significant competitive advantage on the national, European and international levels. The presence of the Tourisme et Handicap brand on each of their documents attracts a new clientele with significant purchasing power to their sites.

Who is the Tourisme et Handicap brand for?

This brand is aimed at customers with specific needs so that they can benefit from reliable information on the accessibility of holiday and leisure facilities. For the first time, people with disabilities will have reliable information on the four disabilities: hearing, mental, motor and visual.

« Offering people with disabilities the independence they aspire to means opening as many doors as possible to them. The list of professionals likely to receive the brand is particularly extensive. »


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