Logo Tourisme et Handicap

Since a few years ago now, the Tourist Office signed up for the reception of public with disabilities.
Actually, since 2010, the Turism Office won the label which became Brand « Tourism and Disability » for the 4 disabilities : hearing, mental, motor and visual for its reception part. Following its relocation the renewal of the brand is under way.
Since 2013, the Tourist Office has won as well the brand « Tourism and Disability » for the guided tours. The Tourist Office suggests suitable tours for disabled people. These people can therefore book guided tours adjusted to their kind of disability ( presentaition of visuals of inaccessible monuments for people with motor handicap, the possibility of touching some architectural features for people with visual handicap, simplified comments for people with mental handicap, writen retranscription of the guide’s comments for people with hearing handicap but as well loudhailer amplifying the sound.)